Black Software Engineer Support Group

About Us

Started in 2022, we are a diverse community of black software engineers at the junior, mid, and senior level who have come together to form a support network for fellow black software professionals. We have diverse educational backgrounds (bootcamps, self-taught and traditional college degrees) and are located all around the world. We are a place to link up, connect, and feel at home.


If you are a black software engineer looking to find a great community to network, get mentorship, job referrals, resume and linkedin reviews and support in an inclusive environment, we would love for you to become apart of our community. Join our discord!


Black graduates are 9% of yearly awarded computer science degrees but only 3% of the personnel at top tech companies. We aim to change that. Reach your team goals, hire diverse talent, and gain new and unique perspectives to inform your product all-in-one. Work with us!

Contact Us

If you are an employer, sponsor or interested party, we'd love to hear from you! Please reach out to